T he first time I hired Bethany was about three years ago.  I’m a self-employed person with an office outside the house and the office had gotten to the point where piles of papers were everywhere, I was having trouble finding things, and the clutter on the desk and floor was causing me anxiety.  Bethany walked in and immediately had excellent ideas about storage solutions for my office supplies and we tackled the mess, one pile at a time.  I found her to be an excellent guide, patient, and supportive.  At points she was helpful to me by working with me to rearrange things - she has a real knack for figuring out how to organize a drawer or shelf in such a way as to make the contents more accessible and easy to see.  Other times, she was helpful by simply sitting with me as I made decisions about what I needed to keep, discard or file – just having her there made a huge difference as it forced me to actually confront the mess and deal with it.  After all, it probably got that way because I was avoiding it – and in her own gentle way, simply by virtue of her presence, it finally got done.


I was so pleased with her work in my office, that I subsequently hired her to help me organize my home where she performed similar miracles in my home office and finished basement.  Areas of my home that had become over-cluttered have become useful and enjoyable again.  I wouldn't have done it without Bethany’s help.


I hired her again recently for a “touch up” and once again she has woven her magic and turned a space that was a source of embarrassment into an area that I am proud to show off to my friends.


I cannot recommend Bethany strongly enough.  Not only does she have a true gift for organizing, but she is extremely bright, experienced, and compassionate with those of us who are a bit more challenged when it comes to dealing with the “stuff” of life.

Laura K., Princeton 

I find Bethany to be a smart, clean, trustworthy professional. She is respectful, punctual, careful and dedicated. She obviously loves her work. Bethany makes sound suggestions without pressuring me. Her recommendations are clear, concise and on target with my satisfaction in mind. My goals, with her help, were realized in a relatively short period of time, and because of the changes we made together, I feel so much more comfortable in my living space now. I highly recommend Bethany for all of your organizing needs. 


Gerrit M., Princeton

Bethany Cortale

Professional Organizer



Monmouth, Mercer, Middlesex Counties, NJ 

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