Have a garage sale or check your local listings for nearby consignment shops, jewelers and resale shops.

  • Used bookstores buy books. Some buy CDs, vinyl and DVDs, too. 

  • Used record stores buy CDs and vinyl, assuming you can find one in your area.

  • Consignment shops will pay you a percentage of the retail price after the item is sold. Some consignment shops will sell jewelry, children’s toys and books and accessories.

  • Jewelers. Make sure jewelry is appraised, and only sell to a reputable jeweler, like one that is a member of a trade association like Jewelers of America.

Sell Online:

Children’s apparel and toys

China, flatware and dishes






Everything and anything


  • If you are disposing of bulky items, check and see which ones can sit on the curb and which need to be properly disposed of. Your town’s website should provide more clarity. Items that need special attention often include:

  • Aerosol cans

  • Batteries (only regular alkaline batteries can be thrown away.)

  • Hazardous chemicals

  • Light bulbs (only incandescent bulbs can be thrown away.)

  • Medication (expired or not)

  • Paint (latex and oil paint require proper disposal)

  • Shredded paper 

  • Wire hangers (can also be brought back to the cleaners)

Bulk Trash:


Call the charity of your choice and see if you can arrange for a donation pickup or drop bags off at a donation center. Find out what sorts of items the charity will accept. (Check that a charity is reputable before you give):

  • DonationTown offers an online directory of charities so you can pick the one of your choice in your area and schedule a pickup.

  • PlanetAid has telltale yellow boxes around the country. Find one near you online.

Books and other media

  • Libraries: Call first to find out their policy for taking gently used books. Even libraries that do not generally take donations often have a collection day for annual book sales.

  • Operation Paperback Donates books to troops overseas.


Children’s books and toys

  • Schools and day cares. These centers often need used children’s books, particularly early readers. 

  • Second Chance Toys Accepts donated plastic toys in some metropolitan areas.



  • Goodwill In partnership with Dell Reconnect, the organization accepts electronic donations.

  • The World Computer Exchange Drop off locations available around the country, or via mail.


  • Lens Crafters, Pearle Vision, Sears Optical, Target Optical, BJ's, and Sunglass Hut all accept used eyeglasses.



​​​Unexpired canned or packaged food


Almost anything and everything

Deteriorated clothes


Hazardous substances

  • Local municipality: Latex paint and other dangerous substances must be disposed of properly. Check with your local municipality for waste recycling days.

  • Habitat for Humanity Accepts a variety of building materials, including old paint.

  • PaintCare Accepts unwanted paint for reuse, recycling or proper disposal in some states.

Used mattresses

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